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#125 - Black Folks & Blind Belief

Jeremiah Camara talks about the effect of religion and the church on the black community.  His movie is “Contradiction:  A Question of Faith”.  He has several video’s called the “Slave Sermons” and two books, “Holy Lockdown – Does the Church Limit Black Progress” and “The New Doubting Thomas – The Bible, Black Folks & Blind Belief”.

#124 - Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses

Mary and Ellen spent more than 50 years as part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They are now out and they are sharing secret information about the group!

#123 - JT Eberhard & Data Games

JT Eberhard.  JT is a long time activist in the secular movement and his delightful blog is WWJTD (What Would JT Do) and can be found on the Patheos network

#122 - High School Atheists!

Thomas Sheedy started a secular club in his High School. Ed Hensley joins us to discuss the Kentucky Freethought Convention. Also a discussion of the new data about the fall of Christianity from Pew Forum.

#121 - Life & Death As An Atheist

Chris Johnson is the author of A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God. He is also the director or the new film…”a better life: An Exploration of Joy & Meaning in a world without god.”Greta Christina discusses her new book “Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing to Do with God” She is also the author of “Greta Christina’s Blog and several other books.