Polaris Financial Planning is proud to announce their support for Skepticon 5! Skepticon and Polaris

This is our third year of sponsorship for the worlds largest free conference on skepticism.  The hard work of student is changing the world.  Please make plans to attend Skepticon.

Skepticon has a great history.

...in the Fall of 2008, JT Eberhard, Lauren Lane, and the MSU Chapter of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster invited PZ Myers and Richard Carrier to the Missouri State campus to criticize belief in god. The event was well-attended and was retroactively dubbed Skepticon.

The event went well and they decided to do it again.

PZ Myers and Richard Carrier returned, joined by several new faces such as New York Times best-selling author Victor Stenger, Dan Barker, Rebecca Watson, D.J. Grothe, Robert Price, Joe Nickell, and JT Eberhard.

As Skepticon 3 approached, they were limited to 500 seats.  JT Eberhard put out a public plea for help.    They had the speakers, they had the volunteers and they had people that wanted to attend.  Without additional financial resources to move to a larger facility, hundreds of people would be turned away.

Polaris Financial Planning stepped up and provided the funds to move to the Springfield Expo Center and Skepticon 3 hosted more than 1,000 guests.  The funds from Polaris allowed an extra 500 people to attend. Phil Ferguson the owner of Polaris Financial Planning and blogger at SkepticMoney said, "This is the best investment I have ever made!"

Skepticon 4 followed the tradition of growth and Polaris was able to help the conference grow to around 1,200.  Now it is time for Skepticon 5 and Polaris is delighted to help again.  Please join me at this amazing event!