I am proud to announce that the Reason Rally has landed its first corporate sponsor. Polaris Financial Planning not only provides services to atheists, freethinkers, skeptics etc... It actively promotes this world view.

Polaris Financial Planning is committed to supporting the growing secular movement in the United States and donates at least 10% of all revenue to support this cause.

Polaris has already sponsored these major events:

Skepchicamp Chicago 2010

Skepticon 3

2011 American Atheist Convention

JREF in the classroom (Polaris is the first corporate sponsor)

Skepticon 4

Skepticamp Chicago 2012

Reason Rally - 2012

2012 American Atheist Convention

Skeptics of OZ - 2012

Madison Freethought Festival - 2012

If you need investment / retirement planning advice please contact Polaris.